Posted by: Godfångst | March 6, 2009

Crocktuplets, Part II

bullshitI was the first person be listed under a Google search for the word “crocktuplets.” I published an article called “Crocktuplets” on this site on February 12, 2009. I’m sure I didn’t think of the term, but a couple weeks ago, when you Googled that word, you only got my story. I was the only one there. I thought that was pretty cool.

Then William Saletan, Slate‘s national correspondent and a trained journalist (I assume) published an article with the same name on March 4, 2009. If he’d been a good reporter and Googled the term first, he would have seen that I posted it first. Yet he didn’t even acknowledge me, though when a woman from South Florida used the term on her web site called “Moms Miami Forums”–which is no Slate, to be sure–she acknowledged him. Who’s the reporter here?

Where I come from, plagiarism gets you in big trouble and acknowledging your sources is so important that even 15-year-olds are taught to do it. William Saletan is famous enough to know better, shoot me some love, send people to my lousy story, or send me a special-edition free pass so that I can avoid watching all the ads on Slate.

But no. No pingbacks, trackbacks, “shout outs,” or “Thank you, you are so cool and I love your blog.” Sheesh.

Now there are 582 hits for “crocktuplets.”

I’ll write to William Saletan and see what he says. Stay tuned.

p.s. The image I’m using above is from this fantastic web site. Hit it and learn something.

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